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Born Naima Bint Harith in Omdurman, Sudan (1969)...KOLA BOOF was adopted and raised by Black Americans in the Anacostia Park section of Washington, D.C. circa 1979. As an adult she returned to North Africa (via Israel) and became a teen fashion model.

Unfortunately just as Kola Boof was transforming herself into an impassioned Womanist-Feminist novelist, poet, television writer and social media commentator….her life was taken over in 1996 by terrorist Osama Bin Laden in Morocco. In 2002 the London Guardian outed Boof's connection to Osama Bin Laden thus causing the writer to become a pariah in the West. She has been roundly shunned by Western media ever since.  The author claims she was targeted for Cointelpro-like harassment by various agencies of the U.S. government for no other reason than admitting the affair with Bin Laden.

Despite constant praise for her novels and poems (NY Times, Boston Globe, etc.); the author has been demonized, banned by key book stores and fired from her day job—Ghost head writer of the NBC/SONY daytime soap Days of Our Lives” in 2006

Kola Boof has given birth to two sons—yet the fact she was born Intersex has also been used to demean and discredit her life and contributions as an African artist. As an Ex-Muslim Pro-Abortion Feminist Liberal Democrat, Kola Boof's support of Israel (due to her complaints about Arab Muslim slavery/mistreatment of women and homosexuals) and her outspoken war against COLORISM were not popular takes for the author. 


Though much maligned, the award-winning KOLA BOOF continues to be a favorite with many book lovers around the world. Many fans interact with the author daily on Twitter.


In 2007 Kola Boof won Sweden’s Kavinna Till Kavinna Prize (Non-Fiction) for an article she wrote in Sweden’s top feminist magazine, OTTAR.  This website features everything you could ever want to know about Boof.  Please access DIRECTORY for a window into her life's journey.

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